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Flea Baths

During the heat of those warm summer days, little pests called fleas like to come out to play. Fleas are tiny insects that enjoy burrowing themselves in dark warm places like your dog’s or cat's fur. When they find a hound to latch onto, they quickly leap onto them and hurriedly get to biting. Fleas love to bite and lay their eggs within the fur of your pet. A pet's warm coats makes a perfect place for their eggs to get the warmth they need. When this happens, it can lead to a multitude of fleas on your pet which can lead to serious infections. For these reasons South Point Pet Spa offers thorough flea baths to get these pesky pests out of your pet’s hair.

If you notice that you furry friend is scratching him or herself uncontrollably, head on over to our pet spa to check for fleas. We may find only an irritated bite that was causing a nuisance to your pup, which we can clean and bathe to ensure no further bites occur. If we happen to find fleas actively nestled in the fur, we will need to bathe and groom him or her immediately.

Bring your furry friend to our affordable dog groomer for an outstanding tick treatment or for our flea baths here in Tempe, AZ. South Point Pet Spa offers some of the best natural pet grooming services in the area and an affordable flea treatment.